The Soap Crate

Handmade in southern Vermont

Brattleboro VT- Local pick up is available upon check out, $20 minimum purchase required. Email contact will be needed to arrange pick up location.

Be sure to check your spam folder for this email if local pick up is chosen.

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These are the only soaps I use now. I have sensitive skin and have had no problems with any of the ones I’ve tried. They leave my skin amazingly smooth. Plus Kat is awesome! 


Over the holidays I so wanted to order more soaps but I had just ordered 10 so I knew I didn't need any just yet. Today I needed a new soap in the shower and I opened my soap stash so hoping that I was down to like 3 bars so I could justify ordering more. However there were still 7 bars in the box! I hope you plan on being in business a long time because I feel like I'll always buy yours! I am one happy customer. ( maybe you should make them melt faster so I could buy more scents!) but that is part of what makes them amazing... the good quality. Thank you. Keep up the good work. 


I got my soaps today! I was highly impressed at the thought and care that was given to the presentation and packaging. The smell when I opened the box was heavenly. I immediately used one of the soaps (Pumpkin) and I was amazed at the texture and suds. I highly recommend these soaps.


The soaps were so beautifully and carefully wrapped and packaged with great attention to detail. The package traveled half way across the country and arrived quickly and undamaged. As I opened the package, the scents were amazing as they drifted from the box. I cannot wait to try my bar (Autumn Morning) and to gift the others to family and friends. The samples are a sweet gesture. I will definitely be ordering again.


Such wonderful products! My 21 year old daughter says: “I absolutely love the citrus clove soap, it smells amazing and lathers better than anything I’ve ever tried. The charcoal soap is awesome for getting tough grime out and even removed some leftover hair dye stains from my hands!”


I absolutely Love these soaps! The scents are fantastic and moisturizing too! Not to mention safe for our environment! No more plastic pump bottles! Yea! Highly recommend!


I've tried multiple dry hand creams, lotions, and argan oil with gloves, all to just end up with cracked, dry, painful hands. Today, using the body butter she makes, I actually feel normal. Also, I smell like oranges and cloves, so that's a plus. It's really thick and emollient. Dry people, go get some. (Her soaps are awesome, too!)


Homemade soap with unique scents, excellent customer service, ships as promised.


I love these soaps! They are beautiful, smell fantastic, and leave my skin feeling clean and healthy. I also used one of the sugar scrubs for the first time yesterday and oh my goodness, talk about luxury. Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy everything The Soap Crate has to offer.


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